Miroir Keepall for Men?

  1. Do you think it'd be weird for a man to carry a miroir keepall, I mean they're are obviously a few who do, Kanye for example, but if say you were at an airport an saw a man carrying one what would you think?
  2. If I saw a man carry one, I would be like yay! Of course a man can carry a miroir keepall!
  3. I would think OMG i want it!
    I think it's perfectly fine for a guy to carry the Miroir it's one hot bag!
  4. I'd ask you to marry me because you understand that men can carry LV too.
  5. ^ Lol!
  6. I think the miroir collection is a bold statement regardless of gender, so totally rock it! That is why so many people love it, it is unique and speaks volumes.
  7. Last week I saw a guy carry a miroir keepall and miroir speedy! He looked so cool and chic, I loved it! Definitely get one!
  8. The Mirior collection, i believe is unisex.
  9. Hi,

    I am 29 yo guy and I bought a silver miroir keepall in January. I fly about 3 times a month and use it for carry-on every trip. I dont think there had been 1 trip when someone hasn't said "cool bag" etc or at least given me a smile. Flight attendants particularly love it - it always "breaks the ice" and they usually give me great service!!

    So yeah - I think its definately ok for a guy to have a miroir keepall - wouldn't swap it for anything.

    I use a Damier Geant Citaden in Black for day-to-day use, but the miroir is my fave!!!
  10. If you love it, get it and totally ROCK it!
  11. Cool thanks guys.
  12. I like to think LV makes bags for those that know how to rock it!
  13. i think itss completely awesome.
  14. Fun story, could you please post some pics of you rocking it! I REALLY would like to see it. :nuts:
  15. mmmm. It depends. Your outfit would have to be very simple. Like white shirt and khaki or all black (think brad pitt or george cloonie NOT KANYE)