Miroir Keepall 55 =]

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  1. had one in my fingertips, ready to pay for it but passed, NO SHOULDER strap and its too big without one
  2. It is TDF :love: I wish I could just splurge on it too :yes: I'm planning on going to Cancun and wanted something to carry my stuff and this would've filled that necessity quite lovely :love:

    Wasn't Matt getting one?
  3. no offence, but its just too big to be that flashy. i feel that way about the speedy even. i love it, but its just not practical...
  4. WHEW! THATZALOTTASILVER! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  5. haha def. if i even had it it'd sit in my closet. they probably wouldn't let me on the plane
  6. Beautiful, but I would be waaaay to afraid of actually using it!!

  7. yeah i almost had it but passed, i love flashy things, its perfect for me
  8. That is hot.
  9. Hmmm... I was looking at the runway photo of the Keepall with a shoulder strap... it would look cool. BUT... when you aren't using the shoulder strap, it looked weird on the side where the pocket and the piece for the shoulder strap collide... :s

    I know that probably didn't make much sense but I tried my best. :P
  10. I actually like it better without the shoulder strap- I never like using the shoulder strap on duffles like that anyway because the always flex down in the middle, giving the bag a V- like shape. KWIM?
  11. gorgeous..there is no way you can carry it if you are a fugitive..
  12. Totally agree with that, even if it is a gorgeous piece.
  13. simply one of the most gorgeous pieces on the market right now.

    i :heart:3 it!!
  14. WOW...that's a LOT of miroir!!!!!!!! Be interested to see it IRL...