Miroir Information *Confirmed*

  1. Official Launch Date: December 1st (All Stores)

    Miroir Bag Prices:
    Speedy: $1330
    Papillon: $ 1170
    Pochette: $ 525

    Items are very limited. Example of inventory:
    4 Gold Speedy
    4 Silver Speedy
    2 Gold Papillon
    2 Silver Papillon
    2 Gold Pochette
    2 Silver Pochette

    This is real inventory for one of the smaller stores and the bigger ones will have a little more, and when I say little I mean 2-4 more of each color. So, instead of 2 Papillons in gold the bigger stores will have 6.
  2. wow michelle thats not much at all!!!!!! oh ive been saving for my speedy id be so so sad if i didnt get it:crybaby:
  3. Lindsay! : )
    I know the inventory is CRAZY, it even scares me and I am first on the list!
  4. Michelle you are great! Not that this info does anything for me, can´t be on the list for Miroir since there are no shops :crybaby:
  5. Thanks Michelle!
  6. Thanks for the info. My LV is having a winter cocktail party and my SA said they will have the mirror bags available for people to purchase there. I better get there early.
  7. Oh no! I am afraid I may very well be out. I hope the stores will receive a second shipment later! *fingers crossed*
  8. thanks for the info, michelle!

    i'm hoping i can get a pochette... not sure, but i'll decide when i see it in person. how big is the papillon? the reason why i don't care for the speedy is because it's too big for me. :sad:
  9. To all that have been anxiously awaiting...I'm sending good vibes your way that you make the cut!! Good luck!:flowers:
  10. I want the keychain... since I cant use a purse lol

    what about the keepall my love?
  11. My store isn't even getting one, so I didn't get any info on it.
  12. Horton Plaza in San Diego has both colors of papillon and pochette available if anyone is interested. I wanted to put my name for the gold papillon but I am hesitant about how they will look in person. I'm going to wait until the end of the week... don't want to tie up that much money before the holidays even if they would credit it back if I change my mind, you know?
  13. Yeah, this is going to be one reallllly limited line. We really might not get one at all :sad:

    Although I know someone who most definitely will, given that person's...circumstances....

  14. Hmm. Who might that be? :sneaky:
  15. I want to say the Papillon will be some unusual size like 29. I am having seconds thoughts on the Speedy myself since it's pretty big. *Long sigh* Decisions, decisions.