Miroir in Canada

  1. I went to Holt today while I was at the mall shopping for a Christmas present for my boyfriend...couldn't resist going in...and my usual SA wasn't there so this other really nice SA that I haven't seen before helped me...forgot to ask his name though.

    Anyways, we were talking about Miroir, and he said that in Canada (the Calgary Holt one at least) will get getting Miroir beginning in mid-December and probably until January??? :wtf: That's like two more weeks to wait!!!! :cursing:

    And...I asked him to check my name on the list again...and this time he told me I was maybe 6th or 7th ("one of the top ones" but that's SO far down!!!) on the list and they may only get 1-2 silver pochettes in. I was so sad, I said to him, oh man I probably won't have a chance then since I'm so far down on the list...but he said hey, you never know, if the previous customers turn the offer down fast, I'll get my turn.

    ARGHHHH!!! :hysteric:

    So, any of you Canadians hear anything from YOUR SAs??? I cannot believe it will be released in mid-December...I thought December 1st was official and for SURE!

    And also, asked to see the Framboise inclusion bracelet, he said it was sold but showed me the hair cubes...they're really cute but I can't justify spending $200 on something that I'll never use...I like leaving my hair down :smile:

    I have a bad feeling about this...maybe I won't be getting the pochette after all :crybaby:
  2. uh oh. i hope its not like that in the us. i reserved my pochette in mid- october, and i have no idea how far down i am.
  3. Sending good vibes your way Karman! You never know. It may seem unlikely, but with the holidays, people may be overextended buying gifts, and need to pass and then your name jumps up on the list! Hope so! :yes:
  4. Thanks mickloisme!
    I hope people...uhh...forget. :smile:

    I asked the SA "So it's not being released on December 1st like in the US?" And he shook his head. So bvbirdygirl, the limited number will still apply everywhere, but the date should still be Dec. 1
  5. I think the launch date is different in each state or country actually. The Melbourne launch is on 9th Dec to coincide with their Christmas party event. I hope you get your silver pochette though! :yes:
  6. Karman: Good luck on getting one. Keep us updated.
  7. I hope you get one.
  8. :huh: awwwwww I hope you get one Karman!!!!!!!!
  9. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  10. Like the other ladies, my fingers are definantely crossed and I hope everyone ahead of you pulls out lol!! goodluck!
  11. Aww thanks guys you make me feel so much better :P
    I was just ranting to my bf about it too.

    I'm still a little upset about the Canadian launch date...if it's so late in December, by that time I wouldn't know whether it's the fact that it hasn't been released yet or my chances are totally over.

  12. aww don't lose hope! back when the CB was all the rage, I had put my name down quite late and still got called for both colors I had been asking for...so don't fret!
  13. MAYBEEE.....your bf is 2nd on the list!??! and your parents maybe 3rd?!?!?!
  14. Good luck
  15. I dunno, I asked my SA 2 weeks ago and she said Dec 1 unless there's a delay with the shipping and btw I'm in Montreal, so we always get our shipment on time or at least 1st in all of Canada considering we're geographically the closest to France.
    I'm not doubting you tho, cuz eg the Onatah Cuir's launch date in Canada was Oct 18 if I remember correctly and US's was Oct 13 (?). I wouldn't worry so much about LE stuff cuz I'm always either 5-6 in line and EVERYTIME, my SA tells me that I'm the 1st to buy stuff cuz I'm the ONLY committed person in actually buying the bag/accessory. She says most people just put their name down and they change their mind about it... Either way, good luck!:biggrin: