Miroir Hearts

  1. I saw this awhile ago at the LV Boutique in Manila. Wow I didn't expect that it will be available this early haha :smile:

    *sorry for the quality, I just used my iPhone*
  2. I love it! How much was it if I may ask?
  3. Great pic!
  4. sorry I didn't ask the SA
  5. Ohhhh ok. Duh! I thought you bought it. lol. my fault.
  6. oh lala looks nice I think I might have to have one...
  7. I WAN IT...:drool: are u in philippine?
  8. Is that the one being released next week?
    On waiting list for that an matching cosmetics bag
  9. Oh! They do look amazing! I'm still flipping b/w that and vernis though.
  10. So cute, wish that they had the charms on them that the pomme one had last year. It would look so adorable with little gold LV charms.
  11. Oooo.. this is really cute !
  12. That is just plain lovely; I can see that with my pomme Houston! It never stops I always see something else to lust for.:love:
  13. |I love it! I'm also on the waiting list for this and the cosmetics bag. I wonder how much they'll be?
  14. I wasn't interested until I saw this pic. This is so cute and pretty!!
  15. Gosh I love it - that would be the colour I would want