Miroir has left me so upset!

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  1. They have COMPLETELY sold out here in Australia therefore I rang a friend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    She proceeded to place the pochette in gold on hold for me an hour ago.

    15 minutes ago my friend goes into LV to purchase it. They kept telling him that it was sold out. I kept insisting (I was on the phone with him) that an SA had put it on hold.

    The said SA then comes out and said oh yes I remember that call. I will get the bag for you.

    In the background I hear some muffled talking whilst I discussed the bag with my friend.

    The SA then comes back and says I am sorry we can't sell you the bag because someone has just placed a deposit on it!

    I AM SO UPSET!! The bag was ON HOLD. We got there within AN HOUR to pay it fully and pick it up. Yet here I am empty handed.

    I guess I am extra upset because I was so sure I would get the bag but in less than 5 minutes my hopes were dashed.

    I'm so unhappy. :cry: :death:
  2. That's really terrible and poorly! :cursing: Not acceptable at all. You poor thing. Try calling the other states?
  3. Ugh sorry that happened to you...I would DEFINITALY call/write a letter to complain...make sure that you mention the SAs involved in this screw up:sad:
  4. Wow! I am so sorry! Maybe they will get another shipment in and you will get your miroir? I wish you luck!
  5. Well I just called to check my status and she told me that only 25% of the people who are on the wait list will get thiers. The bag is too difficult to make is what she said and they will not continue with after three weeks. I am #5 on the list, they already got two so I don't know if I will get mine or not. Talk about Limited Editions :shocked:
  6. Have you called other stores here???
  7. unfortunately they only have the ONE store in Kuala Lumpur.

    My lovely SA here in Sydney has tried her darndest to get me one.

    Sigh....this Miroir is creating a LOT of heartaches.
  8. Unacceptable
  9. Dont worry, I am sure the pochettes will come up later. They have more stocks of pochettes than the bags. I hear they have second shipments coming in, so I would ask your friend to do the same and pay a deposit on a pochette for the second shipment. I know because i have done it. :smile:
  10. oh? will they have second shipments in australia too?

    if that's the case I'll just get mine here!
  11. :sad: Sorry to hear that. Keep bugging your SA here in Sydney. Good luck!:yes:

  12. They might;) Just keep onto your SA:nuts:
  13. If you want one, I 'd urge you to quickly find out if there are new shipments and than place a deposit on it. That will guarantee you a piece.

    My store has a second shipment coming in, speedy coming in later Dec and papillon in January. They accept deposits on those incoming shipments. For both shipments, I was told by the store manager that they will bring in 12 speedies (gold & silver both included), 8 papillons (gold & silver) and 3 Almas (Gold & Silver) and 3 Keepalls (Gold & Silver). First come first serve.
  14. Why wouldn't you place a deposit if you were on the phone with them? Someone paid before you. That's how LV works.
  15. that's great that you are getting a second shipment!

    don't know if i like the first come first serve. there might be a stampede to get those deposits. :wtf: