Miroir- good rainy day bag?

  1. Just a random question- being PVC, wouldn't it be safe to carry in the rain? Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian got some flak for taking their Alma's to the beach, but is there some logic to this? (not that I'm suggesting that Paris is a genius :p )
  2. Yeah, actually I have been using my miroir speedys in the rain. I feel safer getting it wet than my monogram stephen. Right now the miroir speedy is my nasty eastern USA winter bag (ie snow, rain, ice). It has withstood the weather and it has held up very well.
  3. Odd you would ask that question tonight!When I picked up my Mirior Alma today the manager I were talking about how fragile this line can be.I doubt the rain would pose much of a problem but extreme heat and blowing sand could do some damage.
  4. well miroir is le, so we should treat it special, but its pvs, so the water cant penetrate it...
  5. I could see the freezing Canadian weather and snow storms as a hazard for those miroir bags :wtf: Constantly freezing the PVC and letting it warm bakc up inside doesn't sound good!
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  7. I've carried mine in some drizzle and the water just rolls right off. I love them!
  8. ^ I agree!

    I had forgotten my umbrella that particular day and the pouring rain just rolls off. My shoes weren't that lucky!
  9. I haven't used them in the rain, nor do I plan to. I am trying to be careful with them after what happened to my silver Miroir Pochette. Drinking and Miroir bags do not mix. LOL.
  10. Lol, I haven't heard that story yet..
  11. yep great rainy day bags don't like the cold though they go realy stiff and hard until they warm up
  12. its be a great rainy day bag, nothing to worry about .. :smile:
  13. I don't worry about carrying my Miroir Speedy in the rain at all. LV vachetta gets rain spots and fragile Chanel calf/lamb skin absorbs water, so I used to only carry Dior or Gucci canvas bags in the rain. Now, I have this PVC bag which is even more waterproof!
  14. What happened??? augh!
  15. yup, Miroir are my rainy day bags!