Miroir Gold Speedy tons of *PICS*

  1. I can't stop looking at these pics.

  2. I really thought I wanted the silver but that gold is stunning!

    Thanks for posting!
  3. gotta love karen's pictures!
  4. Im in love
  5. I agree

  6. woww its sooo pretty!
  7. Yeah - I think I chagned my mind - I want the Gold now. :yes:

    I'm gonna call the SoHo store and change my selection to the Gold. *Crossing Fingers*

    Thx for all the cool pix! You've my decision waaay easier now! :love:
  8. It's really beautiful! The photos are amazing!
  9. It does look amazing!
  10. Gold looks WAY better than the silver IMO and I don't even like gold.
  11. I am dying to see these in person now...:hysteric:
  12. Wow...I must agree..gold looks more stunning than Silver..wow..thanks for sharing Miroir..
  13. Thanks for sharing miroir! You are bad though! I want it now!:hysteric:
  14. this is fabulous! its changing my mind the gold is undescribable
  15. Wow, i'm stunned, that is gorgeous, and I thought the whole miroir line was hideous! I'd love have a gold papillon!
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