Miroir Gold + Silver cosmetic cases and my updated collection

  1. got the miroir gold and silver cosmetic cases last friday. boy...it was such a race to get these valentine's day limited items. i have been calling my bloomies store so many times beforehand to check whether these are in stock...and they still didnt get these friday morning, the expected release date, when i called. then, i was called around 4pm that the silver case was in and i need to make decision right away. i waitlisted for gold and silver, but my store didnt get any gold case. so, i called the boutique at macys and they did had one in stock though it was on hold waiting for another customer's confirmation. i was so anxious and thought that most probably no one would want to give up a gold miroir cosmetic case. but, to my surprise the manager at macys called me in the evening that i could get the gold cosmetics case:yahoo:. And of course, i rushed to both macys and bloomies to pick these up right after dinner. the SAs at macys and bloomies lv are jus the best.

    i also got a violette cosmetic case for my friend. i should have taken pics of that too, it matches her outfit and accessories so well.

    p.s. i got the amarante sunset boulevard the day before price increase shipped from CA. it had been sold out for quite a while. so i think i was lucky.

    my complete collection is not complete in here as my bulles bubbles earrings are still at the 5th ave flagship. exchanging becasue of a defective bubble. still couldnt get a chance to stop-by there again. but it has not been a happy experience at all dealing with the 5th ave store. too many problems, disappoinments and even bad attitudes i dun even feel like mentioning here. but i guess i will make sure i avoid this store in the future.
    updated lv collection 001.JPG updated lv collection 006.JPG updated lv collection 007.JPG updated lv collection 008.JPG updated lv collection 009.JPG
  2. Yay~
    After all the work you've done you totally deserve that beauty!
    Congratulations on your purchase and the fabulous pictures!
    yum yum!
  3. Congratulations! What a great collection. I especially love the neo cabby with the pomme heart!
  4. Great Collection! :yes::yes::yes:
  5. Pretty! I love the Miroir pieces, I got the gold cosmetic case and LOVE the shine.
    Great collection!
  6. wow thats great i want to get my mom a cosmetic case for valentines, how much is it?
  7. Congrats, you have so many pretty pieces in your collection !
  8. oooh the pomme heart looks yummy on the neo cabby! awesome collection.. i LOVE LOVEEE the mirroir lockit

  9. miroir cases are USD 385, vernis cases are USD 355. miroir cases are most probably sold out in the country, but there might be a few vernis cases left. definitely call 866 to find out.
  10. Nice collection...I love the pomme heart on the Cabby...it gives it a nice touch. Lucky you. Which cosmetic case do u like better...the gold or silver?
  11. amazing collection
  12. i think i like the gold better. maybe because this is the first gold miroir piece i get?
  13. love your collection. you have a great selection of pieces.
  14. wow!!!! :drool:
    great collection! and congrats on your new pieces~ you definitely deserve them!
  15. Congrats!!!! Love everything!