Miroir distribution...VIC or not???

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  1. Does it matter??? Just curious to know if you are:

    1). a VIC and got your miroir pieces because you were on the wait list

    2). a VIC and got your miroir pieces just because you simply asked for it

    3). a regular customer on the top of the waiting list and got a miroir piece

    4). a customer that just got lucky and called a boutique and had one for you...
  2. I am #3 .. I have no idea how to become a VIC but I would LOOVE to become one :biggrin::biggrin::yes: (any idea how to become a VIC??)
  3. 4....i hate miroir prior to getting one.
  4. I'm #2. I waited till really late to tell my SA that I wanted the Keepalls. She really helps me out though, so I always make sure to let her know that I appreciate her hard work.
  5. I am "regular customer on the waiting list (not on top)".


    BTW, are there still be another Miroir shipment?
  6. Hmmmm...very interesting so far!
  7. BTW, are there still be another Miroir shipment?[/quote]

    Well...according to the people at the vuitton call center, they are all sold out and the waiting lists are closed. All the ones shown on their system are allocated for. Then again, who knows??? I hear so many stories, I don't know who to believe. I would trust a source you have dealt with before. That would be the most reliable. HtH :yes:
  8. i got lucky and called...I don't know if they had my pap. in already or if someone returned it but I got it regardless!
  9. I don't think that you have to be a VIC to get a miroir

  10. Yay! Congrats...

  11. ^^ITA miroirprincess...and I believe Nola's right as well...

    "I don´t think it was a VIC only item, but then again, some stores had so few that they propably prioritised VIC´s."
  12. I got on the list super late, after they launched, but my SA managed to get me a gold speedy. I'm thinking that you don't have to be a VIC, but it definately doesn't hurt.
  13. You definitely don't have to be VIC, I called the flagship in Toronto, and they had one available and I got it. I've never shopped/called there before, but I still got it.
  14. I am considered (I guess, bc I get invited to the parties LOL) a VIC...I was on the waiting list for the silver papillon and got it! :smile: