Miroir cosmetics case

  1. I just got the call from my SA, the cosmetics case is coming out in Miroir silver and gold and the new Vernis color, all one shot on January 11. The price is $375...i am the first on the list for the silver! :yahoo:

    The hearts are also coming out on January 11.

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  2. I think that info was already posted somewhere else but forgot to add, she said they are expecting a price increase in February. this is USA.
  3. yay, do you know what shape the cosmetics case will be like?
  4. you know i really dont lol...i asked her about the size and she didnt have that but she did have a picture of it but didnt even think to ask about the shape! i will see if i can find out. she said the picture showed it with a mascara, blush and compact in it and should be a decent size though.
  5. i wann see what it looks like :tender:
  6. thank's for the info, did she tell you the price of the hearts?
  7. My SA described the Miroir cosmetics bag as "the small one with the flat bottom." I wonder if that is the Pochette Compact.
  8. OH cool i might just want to get one.
  9. I think she said the price of the hearts is the same, I am going to call this morning and get more info from her on the hearts and the shape for sure!
  10. Yesterday, one of my SAs stated that the Miroir hearts and cosmetic bag are currently priced the same: $375 USD. I also asked about a price increase and the SA stated that as of yet, his store hadn't received any information about an upcoming price increase.
  11. I think she might have let it slip about the increase on accident. Because she told me the price will be 375 and then i said oh i hope they dont raise the price between now and when they come out, and she said oh i dont think so, that isnt supposed to happen until february...and then i said OH is there a price increase in february??? and she kind of lowered her voice and said yes thats what i am hearing....but didnt want to talk about it really...
  12. Thus far, there's only been one LV price increase this year, back in July. Therefore, we're probably due for another one soon. The LV price increase is typically anywhere from 5% - 10%, depending on the item. As long as it's not a 25% increase like the recent one from Chanel for the Jumbo Flap bag, I can live with that.
  13. Sounds like the pochette cosmetique to me :yes:
  14. omg you guys are making me so antsy about getting a heart wahhh!
  15. i need to get it!!!! one in silver for me and a gold one for MOMMY!!! and JANUARY 11!!! how perfect! its my bf's bday~!!!!!!!!!!! i can drag him to shorthills with me and i will just get him his present there too!!! he needs a new wallet