Miroir Cles

  1. show your pics, i only seen a catalouge pic. :sad:
  2. don't be too excited. it's a metal plate with a dog leash attatched.
  3. ruff!
  4. Lol
  5. lol! But yeah it is small, and really shiny!
  6. for $250, i have seen FAR better from the house of vuitton. that was a cheap way to get rid of that excess insane material .
  7. It's very expensive for a small piece of shiny, very easily scratchable metal. I saw it in the store, it's a bit smaller than a credit card with a chain that seems a bit long for it attached, not worth the $$ imo!
  8. Someone posted a pic of hers with her red epi petit noe...I think its in the epi club thread.
  9. oh my god I think is soooooooooo heavy!!!
    terrible design very mucho unpractical
  10. too much $$$$ as some people said for a piece of metal that says Louis Vuitton on a dog chain.....IMO!
  11. Well I still wanna see Real Life pics! :p I think its hella cute.
  12. i dont like it.. i dont think anyone here botheres to take pics of this..
  13. ^ WOW!! Looks SUPER tiny!! Is it actual metal or is it vinyl?
  14. Metal! : )