Miroir Cles

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  1. Hello dear Miroir Cles owners,

    please tell me, how big is it? What is it made of? Is it durable? Do you have any good pictures (please don't post the LV price sheet if you don't have better pics)? And how much did you pay for it?

  2. im not sure if anyone got one yet!
  3. OMG there gonna be cles as well ? :wtf:
  4. You're talking about the keychain right? The size of the rectangle thing dangling from the keychain is about 2"-2" long by 1-2" high.
    It is quite heavy.
    I would say not very durable....the silver is very very very shiny and looks like it would get very scratched up.
    I'm not sure what it is made of.
    This is all from my seeing it last weekend....I don't actually own it (the being easily scratched turned me off)
  5. Twiggers, I see, thank you.
  6. I saw one IRL yesterday its a gorgeous key chain.. but as Twiggers stated it is not practical its very heavy and the gold and silver one my SA showed me already had some minor scratches on it from people touching it. I couldn't imagine what keys would do to it. My SA and I both agreed its awesome but not really worth the $$.
  7. No problem Wentworth!