Miroir Cles and my BIG BOOK

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  1. So...I went into Louis before work today because I wanted to get that book that Matt had: Icons. My SA is sick too so I brought her some Emergen-C....but that's not the point. She comes out with two boxes in her hands....the Miroir cles. She hasn't even seen them yet brings them out to show me. I was shocked..and not in the good way. They are pure metal. There is not a D ring or key clip but more like a belt clip. I was debating getting it but we decided on a no because it would get scratched way to easily and just not be practical. Moving on I ask to see some of these crocodile business card holders they have. They are selling them for Xmas but are usually special order only. I'm a big fan of crocodile but not really a fan of these items. There isn't an LV in sight and the one's that Nordstroms/Bergdorfs started selling look the same. By the time we've gone around and stuff, I'm running late to work. I tell her to put it on hold for me for tomorrow and, leaving, she gives me a catalogue!!! YAY !! My first!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I'm gonna cuddle up in bed and plan what I'm going to buy :yes: :yes: :nuts: :nuts:

  2. LOL glad you had fun!

    The miroir is a keychain, right??? Or is it a cles that you can put stuff in??
  3. Excellent day you had, thanks for sharing!
  4. Fun times at LV! I'm on the fence about the miroir cles but then again I have yet to see them...so hopefully I get a chance to check it out! I love my ICONS book that I bought like 3 weeks ago. Enjoy your catalogue and good luck making your decision! The croc card holders are STUNNING but WAY too expensive for me personally but they're still AMAZING!
  5. ^just as an FYI, the boutique by me *Scottsdale Fashion Square* told me that they don't have a wait list for the cles/keychains :smile:
  6. So the miroir cles just a piece of metal with a hook... guess I can cross if off my list now :shame:

    Thanks for the report!!! I can't wait to get the icons book too :smile:
  7. Oooh the catalogue! So exciting, can't wait to hear what you're gonna get!
  8. Couturegrl Yup, It's just a piece of metal with a chain. It's heavy though. My SA is really truthful and she'll give her honest opinion..I like that about her. She was like "what would you use this for? To hang off your belt?" It would be a good purse charm but not for an actual key chain.
    Nola It was an amazing day. I was like skipping to work. Everyone was like what's up.
    Mr.PoshSpice Go see it. I want to hear what you think. Those card holders were WAY to pricey. Nordstroms and Bergdorf both came out with a set of Crocodile wallets/holders and they look almost exactly alike. Of course, the Nordstrom one is not yellow or red.
    Middle Mouse Now you have more money for something else!!
    DustyPaws I know! I'm pawing through it right now :P
  9. ^ooohhhh good idea for a bag charm!!!!!
  10. Courturegrl The thing is.. It's heavy.. and can be easily scratch. I wouldn't want to image it after probably a month. An putting your bag on could easily take out the eye of the person standing next to you :smile:
  11. ^LOL so not good for a bag charm unless you live in a rough neighborhood?!?!?
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. Happy reading ;)
  14. YAY! glad u had such a good day!!! Thanks for sharing