Miroir by Gucci?

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  1. Sorry if this is a repeat post- I just saw these on Neiman's website:

    Princy Medium Hobo $1,040

    Britt Medium Top Handle $1,595

    Britt Large Top Handle $1,795

    Spring Summer*Handbags*-*Neiman Marcus Online=

    I do have give Gucci kudos though for actually using leather
  2. I like it, its REAL leather too lol!
  3. hmmmm Who copied whom???
  4. Wow! I have that Princy in black leather, it's an awesome bag.
  5. That's not exactly the same. LV is much more sparkle.
  6. There has been a thread about this but it was moved to the Gucci subforum :p
    Thanks for the pics though! I think I'm falling in love with the hobo :heart: But seeing as to how Gucci goes on sale and LV doesn't I'll probably wait til it does to buy it :sneaky:
  7. i'm a louis girl...don't wanna buy other brands
  8. Couldn't agree with you more. Amazing how sales change everything. :yes:
  9. I like the Britt Medium Top Handle.
  10. cute
  11. I first noticed the Miroir-like bags in the Gucci store... Then when I bought the January issue of Brand Bazar, they had a silver Gucci wallet on the cover. Not too fond of it though.
  12. I'd buy it too.. on sale. I like that its leather too.. YUM! I love the shape of the Britt bag.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. I would get it but on sale.....i dont buy gucci bags at reg price because I know they go on sale....Thats why I LOVE LV!!!!
  14. exactly what i was thinking!
  15. I love it, but I don't think it's so new bec. I recall seeing a gold line of guccissma back in the fall. Burberry went the metallic route as well with a gold/red/and some other color embossed metallic line in the fall as well. I went to Prada a week ago and they had metallic, but a dull pewter nothing very shiny in a square shape hand held bag, I loved it, it cam in three sizes, the small was prettiest. I really do think the designers borrow from each other.