Miroir Brooch

  1. Hope some one can assist me. In the Dec edition of UK Elle there is a mirror & cut glass LV brooch (it is shaped as a LV flower with gold interior and silver mirror mosaic pattern to create the four petals)...does anyone have any more info on it? I have called all the stores here and no one knows anything about it. I would post a photo of the mag BUT I can't find my camera or my psp:crybaby:
  2. I haven't heard of this...but I hope someone can post a photo...it sounds very interesting!
  3. I saw one in Paris Champs store! It was about 400-450 euros. I like it. It is quite large.
  4. Thanks finally someone who knows what I am talking about:yahoo: I agree it looks really large ... what did you think???
  5. Don't be stingy, where are the pictures? :P
  6. Thank you:heart: .. that is the one I am talking about .. it is huge but I still like it:love:
  7. I like it very much. If You want something in miroir but You don't want anything too flashy like miroir bags ou should go for this.:yes:
  8. Thanks for your feedback. I am also waiting for a gold pap:shame: No one here knows what I am talking about so let's see if the SA can locate one:s
  9. I found pic. Name of the brooch is "broche Miroir Casse";)

  10. Thanks for that .. so in english is called Broken Mirror:smile:
  11. I'm going to try and close up a bit:
    a bit fuzzy but you can see it a little better here.

  12. Here's a much better close-up:

  13. its in the Elle issue with Beyonce on the cover. It says $1,280.00
  14. It's hot
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