Miroir Brooch Pics

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  1. I finally was able to get her .... she is bold, bright, HUGE and one of only 2 in Aus so of course I had to purchase her;) Thanks to couturecreature for her assistance:love: Sorry for the poor photo but I live in a very dark house...I will take another in the morning. I love brooches:heart:

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  2. Ooooh.!! :yahoo: I'm soooo happy for you! :wlae: It's gorgeous! Very special! Congrats :love:
  3. How much was it ???
  4. It was $960 Aus $$ .. remember we pay higher prices here in Aus:confused1:
  5. That's soo pretty! I think I glanced over that in a VOGUE...
  6. Oh that is beautiful. Congrats. :smile:
  7. That is so pretty, congrats!!
  8. Congratulations, shalomjude! That brooch looks lovely in your photo and it is such a stunning and unique piece! Very stylish indeed! :love:
  9. Oh it´s gorgeous! Gongratulations!
  10. Wow! Lucky you!
  11. I read in Elle it is $1280
  12. i love it Shalom!!! im so glad you got it :yes: perfect timing too... lots of parties and cocktails this time of year ;)
  13. It's AU$960. Was it the exact same brooch? The one that was worn by Beyonce and on the runway is a different one.
  14. Gorgeous! Very pretty! Congrats!
  15. Congrats!
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