Miroir bags.... on Vuitton.com ...........

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  1. just noticed the speedy and papillon on there and the pochette. Do you think Elux will carry them eventually as they do have the "Purchase Now" button????:smile:
  2. sadly,i think not.. the purchase now button is pretty much just a default...
  3. I wish it were true, if anyone has any info on the miroir speedy please pm me!
  4. Last I checked, Elux had told several PF'ers that they would not be getting in any Miroir items.
  5. I bought a Gold Speedy on a launch day, loved it so much. So I asked my SA last Thursday....no it kinda was a rant to her like how I called other stores to see if there's any Silver Speedy available(or even chance to get one at this point), and everytime I was told "no it's all gone/wait listed. I mentioned I might have to consider Ebay, and she said there's no way I should ever go for Ebay. And she told me to give her time....so she can see what she can do for me. Friday afternoon, she called me and found me a Silver Speedy and it's ready to be shipped!! I don't know how it worked out, but obviously it makes a different that SA calls around other stores.....and me being really persistant. So good luck for everyone looking for this line and remember to be persistent!!
  6. ^ lucky!
  7. I think the least LV could have done, was to make a few of the mirror bags available on eluxury, for those who couldn't get them in the stores.
  8. What was really sad was, elux thought they would be getting it months ago. Then on like 11/15 I contacted elux again, the rep told me all the inventory that was going to elux would be distributed to the stores.