Miroir bag reservation ? ?

  1. beacuse i am normally interested in very common vuitton lines, ive never felt the need to reserve any bag before. i just go and pick out what i like. my name is on the list for a silver pochette and speedy. um. where does it go from there? do you go to the store on the date that the bags come out, and purchase it then, or do they call you and say your bag has arrived???
    I am totally confused on how this reservation thing works...
  2. They usually call you to come in and purchase the bags. But, even though you are on the list it's not guaranteed that you will be able to purchase them.
  3. really? how come?
  4. From what I've heard, the reservation list is much longer than the expected # of bags.
  5. Sometimes the list is longer than product available.
  6. I had my name down for a Pastel Glitter Kelly bag and then I got a call saying they were sold out. It depends how high you are on the list and the availability of the bags.
  7. so it doesnt matter who gets to the store first, it matters how high you are on the list???
    i reserved mine kind of late... in october somewhere...
    iwhoch bag would i have a better chance of getting, the pochette or the speedy?? (silver)
  8. Pouchette. My SA said the silver speedy is the most popular.
  9. I think it depends on the store, at valley fair, the gold was more popular, I checked my name was on the list (or actually in the binder....which is what they use) and there were about 20 people on the list for the silver speedy, but way more for the gold.
  10. well, im on the list for the silver pochette at the beverly center. they were one of the only places taking reservations.
  11. Pochette will be easier to get.
    From what I heard from my SA, she said since it's considered more of an accessory, they may get more of it.
    And I expect the Speedy to be more popular, anyway.
    October is a little later compared to some other members on here who put their names on the list in June/July already, but hey, maybe some people wouldn't want it...? But definitely...I think whoever considers putting their name now is much too late!
  12. I think the speedy is a popular choice here but we don't have a vast reservation list as people are not aware of it yet. I recall this happened when the CB range was released and some people were offered items and were not on any of the lists...so I think it is not when you place your name on the list but who you know/relationship with manager etc??? I can't wait for the range to hit our shores:yahoo:
  13. I'm on the list for the silver speedy at the Beverly Center too. I got on the list in July. I hope I get my bag.
  14. I certainly hope that doesn't happen for the miroir! I don't have a good relationship with my SA (yet, since I only had her for a few weeks and haven't visited LV very often) and I'm apparently high on the list for the pochette...so I hope I get the chance to see/buy it first before they offer it to someone else!
  15. I hope it doesn't happen either and have change how they offer LE items based on the CB range experience ..I think you will have a great chance with the pochette ...not long to wait now;)