Miroir at the Opening?

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  1. Ok...here is my question:

    I am going to a LV private event on Wednesday. Should I wear my new Silver Miroir Speedy to this? Is it too, "Oh I am so excited I just got a new bag and I must wear it?"

    If you saw someone with it at the event what would you think?

    Oh I am wearing: All Black, slacks, turtleneck, black finely quilted jacket with silver buckles (buckles are small).

  2. I think it would look just perfect :yes: and not at all like you're trying too hard. Have fun!!!
  3. HAHA! Selena...Ill be there too..havent even thought of what Im wearing...you are WAY ahead of me!
    Go ahead and wear the new bag..I think itll look great with your outfit!
    I may wear the mono stephen..it needs a night out..rofl
  4. Gal you are going to look smashing,enjoy yourself.;)
  5. Go for it!!:yes::yes::yes: and have fun.
  6. Selena, you MUST wear it!!!
  7. Lol, I thinking the same thing....all great minds think alike...I also was thinking of using my pink cb pap, since I haven't used it yet...but that might be too springy....

    Have fun!
  8. You HAVE to wear it.. if I saw you with it (not knowing you ofcourse) I would be GREEN with ENVY!! Im telling you: ROCK THAT BAG!!! It will look fab with what you are wearing. Have fun!!!
  9. Definitely wear it. I'm going to a private party on Tuesday and I can't wait to see what bags everyone will carry. I would love to see someone with your bag.
  10. LOL I knew your answer Jamie! LOL

    THanks guys I am going to go for it! :smile:

    Jill if you wear your stephen I will wear my Miroir!!!

    You better wear it girl!
  11. I might have to wear some Silver Eye shadow WOO HOO!! LOL

    Not in the tacky way of course! LOL
  12. good choice!
  13. You should definatley wear it. I think it will go great with your outfit!
  14. It would look great and you will defintely rock it well. I hope you have fun and take lots of pics!!! :biggrin:
  15. Oh~ absolutely wear it! It will look fab...and I want to see pics with her! Congrats! and Enjoy your night out!:yahoo: Drink some bubbly for me!