Miroir Alma..Just a question..or opinion

  1. I love the miroir line. And I was thinking of adding the Miroir Alma (made famous by Ms. Hilton). After months and months and months..and months..I have friend who's friend has the gold alma available for sale. So here's what I wanted to know, do you gals and dudes think it could be used as an overnighter bag. Or just a very large day bag (I have yet to see actual size). The reason I'm asking is I'm over the top and when I travel I would lover the miroir keep-all (or whatever it's called) but I love the look of the alma and I don't have one. So what do you think? Alma? Worth it? Yes, no, maybe, sometimes? Hmmmmm.....
  2. I think it's supposed to be the same size as the Alma Voyage. It does look like more of a travel bag than a everyday bag imo.
  3. See, that's what I thought. It looked like maybe an overnight bag. But then I see Paris out and about with it..
  4. I think it's too big for an everyday bag, unless you carry alot ... then of course a lot of people can pull off that style ... if you can get it for a great deal then I say go for it if you love it.
  5. I want it soooo bad..but it's not the kind of bag you buy then put in the closet. Would you be surprised to see someone traveling with this bag?
  6. I'd be envious of anyone using Mirroir since it's a line you definetly have to have the confidence of using. You should go for it :yes:
  7. I wouldn't be surprised ... just be prepared to get hounded by the paparazzi though ...lol!
  8. LOL!! Maybe I should re-think the bag...Being surrounded by the Paparazzi may make it hard to get through the airport! LOL!!!
  9. go for it! It's a stunning bag!
  10. so...you already have some mirror bags?!!!

    i would be sooooo afraid to put the alma (i only have lockit, i bought it on release day and i still haven't used it yet!!!) on the security belt thingie at the airport....!!!! (or any LV bag for that matter)

    that bag is pretty....but sure looks huge though!!!
    but big bags are in again...so i think you can pull it off as a day bag~!
  11. ahh!!~ i say go for it!!~ i want to get my hands on one too but the prices on eBay are ridiculous! at least i can drool over the one you have if you get one if you post pictures. hehe >.<
  12. -on one of the other bag forums here, somoen said they get one of the larger folding Longchamps Le Pliages totes put their expesive bag into it before putting it on the conveyor. Sounds like a great idea!
  13. I say go for it! Though if it were me in your shoes, I'd make sure it was real first and use it as an overnight bag only. It seems too large to use as an everyday bag.
  14. I think it's a stunning and beautiful bag. I wouldn't hesitate to get it at a somewhat reasonable price.

    But I would be careful about overloading it, or using it heavily. There have been lots of threads about tpfers having issues with their miroir bags. These bags are stunning (I love my silver miroir lockit,) but were never meant for regular use.

    I would get it only if you're not going to carry a lot of stuff in it. If you think you can pull it off as a day bag, which I think it looks great as.
    Then you'll have to worry less about the creasing or wrinkling issues that some people have had.
  15. i think you should get it! the mirroir line is so stunning and rare, so even if you can't use it every day it'd be good to have as a collector's item. i'm planning to buy both the gold and silver lockits from a friend of mine.. and she's never used it!! can you believe that?!?