miroir alma gm price?

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  1. One of my friends is holding on to an alma gm miroir, and I keep telling her she should stop using it and sell it because she can probably get more than she paid for it....do you think the price will go up even more if she waits longer......what usually happens with the le's? Will the price go up or down over time???

    Thanks guys ahead of time!:smile:
  2. If it's been used then it definitely won't be worth as much as one that's brand new. It depends on the condition, really. Personally if I were to buy a Miroir piece second hand I want the piece to be 100% free of scratches and wrinkles. I haven't seen too many Miroir Alma's sold on eBay lately. There was one for $3,500 that didn't sell and the one that did sell had 7 bids and finished at $2,500.
  3. There was a gold alma on eBay a few days ago, sold for buy it now $1200.
  4. thanks guys i guess i was wrong ill just tell her to keep it...
  5. Wow, that is a good price if it was new!
  6. I love the mirror alma.
  7. I love the miroir alma as well but I saw too many miroir fakes recently on ebay.