Mirior Pole


So what did you get ??

  1. Got a Silver speedy

  2. Got a Gold Speedy

  3. Got a Silver pap

  4. Got a gold pap

  5. Got a silver pouchette

  6. Got a gold pouchette

  7. Tried to get a piece with no luck

  8. Did not want a piece

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Just curious to see how many people on our board got a mirior piece -- the fact that its a limited line, we may have done well as a so called TEAM LOL
  2. Silver Speedy and Silver Pouchette!
  3. Poll would only let you vote for 1...I got the silver speedy and gold pouchette :smile:
  4. 2 Silver mirroirs. :smile: Hoping for a Gold Papi :'(
  5. gold speedy, that I dont want LOL
  6. Gold pap:yes:
  7. got a silver mirior - picking it up tomorrow!!:yahoo:
  8. I've got a silver pap in the mail :wlae:

  9. Hahaha. I know. I was trying to chose more than one by using the control button; it didn't work. LOL.
  10. Gold and silver speedy!
  11. Silver speedy, Gold pap on its way!!
  12. I think the poll should allow multiple choices.. the forum is full of miroir bags lol
  13. I have a beautiful silver Speedy! :love: lol. I'm looking for a small gold Miroir bag :graucho: , either the pochette or pap. If anyone spots one lying around somewhere, please PM me. :tender: TIA.
  14. I was wondering what a mirrior pole was haha
  15. Have a silver pochette coming my way tomorrow!