Mirior Can't Be Sold Out!!!

  1. If what we've all been saying is true than 1866 is just being snotty and ignorant orholding out on us. I called tham and asked aboyt the stores that still had stuf (like nashville) and they just kep say SOULD OUT SOLD OUT like it was htier catchphrase. It pissed me off.:cursing:
  2. um. i kinda dont understand.. but miroir REALLY is sold out. you have to go to different nations to find one.. they might be all gone..
  3. never mind.^^^... i do understand... how do you know these stores have the miroir?
    maybe they JUST sold out?
  4. A PFer posted that she just saw pieces in Nashville, I think that is why she's so angry. It's silly of 866 to hold out on us.
  5. But then why do PFers kepp posting threads about miroir paps and almas in random stores like nashville and fashion valley.
  6. EXACTLY!!!
  7. what in the world just happened with my post??? LOL

    You can call the store directly, the LV website lists the phone number.
  8. Idk?
  9. When I hit post, it posted 4 times & then disappeared.....it was kind of psychodelic with all the snowglobes twinkling.
  10. Oh Computers. They do the funniest things sometimes.
  11. I wish they would keep more track of their stock, they'd find they'd get much more business if so. I do hope the Mirior is around still, I am reconsidering a pochette.
  12. Mewlicious they said they have pochettes.
  13. Maybe the ones Nashville have aren't for sale, but I don't know why they wouldn't be. They have them on display in the case, this was back on Jan. 1st though. Maybe we could call the store and find out?!
  14. you could do like i did. before i found this forum i saw someone with a gold pochette and after hearing her say how hard it was to get, i grew curious. so i picked up the phone, and called stores around the country telling them what i was looking for. when i actually found what i wanted, i didn't know what to do because i expected it to be impossible to find. needless to say i purchased ;) had to have. of course it took a week and a half to get to me, due to christmas and bad weather in denver :sad: it came all the way to new jersey from aspen, colorado.
  15. Okay... don't shoot me ppl... I don't think there are any stores in Nashville that sell LV???:confused1: