Mirior and other limited editions

  1. Since I am new to the world of LV, was the cerise line ever available on Eluxury? Will the mirior line be listed on Eluxury? I have read where so many people are signing up for wait lists, so , is this the only way to get these limted editions? Thanks for your help.
  2. yeah I think Mirrior is only in stores and If your on a wait list your guarenteed to get your first choice. You could allways have alook at the groom collection
  3. I don't think you're guaranteed a bag if you're on the wait list...I was told that the wait lists may close before it's even my turn!
  4. I was told by the SA that waitlist is first come first serve, no guarantee!
  5. The cerise line was on elux hope this helps
  6. Mirior is just like the perfo collection limited for the season ya know? most likely it will be on eluxury just like the perfo is
  7. matt is right it will be seasonal not limited
  8. Thanks for all the quick replies. I appreciate your help. You guys are great.
  9. Yes..the list in the store denotes that it will go to eluxury as well.
  10. Yes the cerises line was on elux.
    I think it depends on how limited its going to be.Waitlist people come first and then whats left i'm sure will be aval in stores and elux.