Mirena vs Paragard

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  1. Im not sure if this is in the right section. Mods please move if it belongs somewhere else. I have my post-partum appointment tomorrow and am going to be bringing this up to the Dr. Im between these 2 IUD's and am leaning towards the Paragard because it is hormone-free. I was wondering if anybody had used either of these and if you had experienced any side effects from it.

    I know 2 ppl that have used the Mirena and neither have liked it due to some of the side effects, but I do not know anybody who has used the Paragard.
  2. I know lotsa mamas with Paraguard, and they all love it.

    I have yet to get an IUD (not for not wanting one, but I wasn't done having babes until this one), but when I get one after this babe comes out in Feb/March, I'll be getting the Paraguard (unless I can magically convince hubs to get the big V!). The hormones are a big deal for me, too. I've never done well on hormonal bc, so it's really no contest for me. I'd google both and check out a few sites w. mama reviews. Good luck! Can't go wrong w. an IUD, whichever you choose!
  3. I've had the paragard for about 3 years now and I love it. The only side effects I've had are mild cramping and spotting about a week before my period.

    I picked the paragard over mirea because in the past I've had bad reactions to hormonal birth control, and the paragard lasts longer. I believe mirena lasts for 5 years, and the paragard lasts for at least 7(my gyno said they can last up to 10 years).
  4. I heard Mirena comes out sometimes also.
  5. I have the Mirena for the second time. The first I had put in after my son was born. I had it taken out at around 4.5 years and got pregnant again 6-7 months later. I've had no problems or issues with the Mirena. I'd actually recommend it to anyone who was considering it.
  6. I have Mirena and love it. I have had no ill side effects at all.
  7. I am considering an IUD too, so this is a great thread!!
  8. I have a Mirena in and it's OK. When I first got it (which BTW, I had to go TWICE to try to insert it; the first time one part broke while the doc was inserting it ROFL), I had like the never ending period LOL...it took almost a whole month before I stopped bleeding. Then I didn't have one for a month, then a normal one, then I had two periods back to back and now it's been over a month since my last period. I have a friend who's also on Mirena for three years now and it's been good for her. With paraguard, you're more likely to experience heavier bleeding and weight gain. With Mirena, it did make me gain weight, like 10lbs I think or something like that.

    Other than that, it's been great. DH does feel the "threads" but they're supposed to curl and soften up over time. He said it was a weird sensation at first, but you get used to it.
  9. ^ I didn't tell my DH about the threads until after we were intimate. I asked him if he could feel anything different and he said no, which is when I told him about the thread.

    BTW, I didn't notice any weight gain with the Mirena and I love not having a period.
  10. I've had the mirena for 3 years and I really like it. I have endometriosis and the Mirena has really helped with the clotting and cramping. I was worried because I hadn't done so well with the hormones from the pill, but I haven't had any of the same problems, since the Mirena acts locally rather than systemically like the pill. I did spot for a couple months after insertion, but it settled down.
    One thing, when I had talked with my dr at my 6 week postpartum visit, she said she couldn't insert the IUD till (I believe) six months after delivery, since the uterus is still shrinking and it could fall out. Just something to ask about. I don't clearly remember the conversation since it was 4 years ago
  11. I had mine insterted 8 weeks PP. It hasn't fallen out.. :shrugs:

    I have the ParaGuard and so far I love it. I have had it for 7 weeks and the only side effect I have had is light spotting. My obygn said the string on the Mirena tends to take a lot longer to soften up so the man can feel it a lot more then the Paraguard (he told me this from personal experience, he is very open :shocked:). I haven't heard about the weight gain as another poster mentioned. I didn't think it could cause weight gain since it is non-hormonal and I have not gained any yet.

    BTW, your twins are gorgeous!!!
  12. I don't have kids but do have a paragard and I love it!
  13. WOW how do you have the paragard? My I had (2) different OBs and both refused to insert it until after I had a child.
  14. I had paraguard inserted six weeks after having my son. Had it removed this June and got pregnant is July :biggrin: .All in all could not be happier. No hormones, no worries, never felt it. Only side effect was slightly heavier periods (not longer, just heavier in volume).

  15. ME TO!

    This is exactly why I got it and I love mine too.

    I don't think the IUD caused the heavier periods, you have to remember if you were on some type of hormone your periods will be lighter so without you're probably have a normal period even though you may think it's heavy.

    We are thinking about trying again next sept my doc wants to remove mine in July and wants me to have one period without it before I try. So glad to hear how easy it was for you to get pregnant. If you don't mine me asking, how much did it cost for the dr to remove it?