Miranda's Bag and Shoes!!

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  1. Can anyone ID?

  2. thats an interesting bag....kinda cute! sorry i'm no help with id'ing them. i'll keep my eye out!
  3. the flower on the bag reminds me of the valentino rose bags. maybe it is a smaller version?
  4. bag definetly valentino.
  5. Her shoes are Alexander McQueen peep toes
  6. Cute Everything!!! Anyone know the blazer???
  7. #7 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    Thanks girls!!!:nuts: About the blazer, she once said that she had a Dior blazer she always wore, so it may be this one.
  8. A lot of sites say her blazer is Signorelli.
  9. there is a similar bag and heaps cheaper at Brighton Jewellery
  10. does anybody know where I can buy the bag? thanks
  11. Apology - no help here but just have to comment how beautiful this girl is! :girlsigh:
  12. She looks absolutely stunning what a great set up, sorry cant be of more help on the verifying of the clothes though