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  1. :yahoo:OMG! I just got my Bourdeaux Miranda Bag and I'm totally in love:heart:! Does anyone else have it #11085, what wallet did you get to match?
  2. Pics Please!!!! :yes:
  3. Yes lets see some pics!!
  4. Modelling pics PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Wow! Gorgeous bag- enjoy :yahoo:
  6. I have Miranda in bordeaux as well. :smile: Congratulations, isn't it a gorgeous bag?

    I didn't get a wallet to go with it. I just use the same wallet that I always do. I have trouble (for some reason) spending that much on wallets. *L* I feel like I should just channel that money into bags.
  7. Can i see pics of you ladies modeling your Miranda ? :nuts:
  8. Here's one of the ones I posted in the August purchases thread:

  9. :idea:These Miranda threads should be merged and then you can have your Miranda Club!:yes: Congratulations Miranda owners this satchel is a beauty!
  10. I bought the black Miranda a few days ago and it's beautiful. At the time I couldn't decide and went with the black because it is versatile. The bordeaux was stunning though. So after a few day of thought, I went back to get the bordeaux as well (color me weeping over the price). First let me say, as I strolled through the mall, I was a little concerned over the weight. This bag is heavy! Even considered returning it. Went to Coach and saw the bordeaux. After looking at all the bags, considering the Legacy in Whiskey, etc. I bought the bordeaux. She looked it up and said there were only five left overall in their system (not just their store). Does that mean five bordeaux Miranda bags in the whole company? Could that be? The other colors are available but as Stophie I think mentioned in an earlier post, the bordeaux are selling out...
  11. Gatsby- Yep, that means company-wide there were only 5. I guess that's why the woman in CS told me they'd probably only stick around for a week.
  12. That's a huge bummer for me because I love the bordeaux...I just don't have the $$ to purchase it now. So I will most likely get the black, which will be just as nice!!
  13. Love the color and really cute hat! Congrats on both!
  14. I'm on vacation today and I'm starting to list stuff like crazy on eBay in order to get enough for a Miranda!! I'm taking back a bag that I've never used, still has the tag on it and I'll get store credit for that, so that will be about $400. Only $400 more to go!!! :yahoo:
  15. I tried on my best friend's red Miranda today & fell in luv. I'm thinking of the black or maybe during PCE the Python. Congrats on your beautiful bag!