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  1. First, I apologize but no pics yet. I have to wait until "HE" is not home. But Ladies let me tell you....the Miranda is absolutely beautiful!! I gasped when I arrived at my boutique to pick her up. I have it in black and I tell you I am so excited and pleased. Will get pics as soon as I can. I was planning to purchase another Mandy in black, but I forgot all about that after I saw Miranda. If you are interested I suggest you go for it. By the way it is a large hand held bag.:yahoo::drool::wlae:
  2. Hope "HE" leaves soon!!! My "HE" is about to arrive with dinner. I'm trying to figure out which bag to introduce him to first (When I binge, I introduce them slowly)
  3. same here!! HE thinks I'm crazy for spending like I do
  4. kstyle-were you able to get the PCE discount on the Miranda? I have been lusting for that bag since I first saw it. I want it in the wine color. :girlsigh:
  5. I can't wait for pics! :wlae:
  6. We need pics!!!
  7. Here are two pictures. He left and came back unexpectedly. Oh, yes LIblue, I was able to use PCE to purchase her.
    Miranda 1.JPG Miranda 2.JPG
  8. Beautiful!!
  9. Wow, she's beautiful!
  10. :drool:I am so wanting it in bordeux now!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Do any of you have this bag in bordeaux? Can you post piccies pretty please? I have it in black and while it looks wicked I think I might regret not getting it in bordeaux. None of the stores in my area have it in stock and I know the photos on Coach.com and in the new catalog aren't doing it justice. :smile:
  13. That is a really gorgeous bag! Congrats! Take it out often!
  14. Wow, kstyle, that's gorgeous. I like the black the best (what a surprise)!

    I really have to laugh because I have to be a super sleuth when taking bag pictures as well. My DH saw me do it once and he thought I was looney. They just don't get it! :nogood:
  15. ^ I know. My fiancee thinks this blog is crazy enough. He doesn't even know about the pics. And I'm afraid to ask him to teach me how to upload pics from our digicam because he's going to ask me why and I can't tell him...

    Beautiful bag, I have total bag envy right now.