Miranda Vintage Leather Satchel Xl

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  1. Has anyone checked out this purse yet? I was hoping to get a little feed back on it b 4 I go out and make the purchase.

  2. I have one, as well as several others on TPF. Do a search and you will get to see lots of pics and read different opinions.

    Good luck!!
  3. Did they come in more than one size? I've only ever seen one and it isn't XL, it's just the Miranda Vintage Leather Satchel...If that's the one you're talking about, thenI have it in bordeaux. :smile: I love it. It's very heavy, so if you wouldn't be able to handle that, then it probably wouldn't be a good bag for you. Also, it doesn't fit on the shoulder well, so it would have to be a hand, or crook of the arm bag.

    Those are the only drawbacks though. Besides the price, it's a great bag. I love the leather and the pockets, the hardware and the belt detailing...it's just great. And it totally fits the doctor bag trend that's going on for fall. That's not why I bought it, but I thought it was cool when I found out. *L*
  4. The Miranda Vintage Leather Satchel Xl is really the same one as what is sold in the stores, but the nomenclature is with an XL online, due to its large size. I find the Miranda to be not too big, its actually smaller than my other BIG bags, and fits quite nicely over my shoulder.
  5. I have this bag in bordeaux as well. I agree with everything Stophle said about this bag. It's very heavy, but I like big heavy bags so it's no an issue for me. Plus I am tall so it works for me. This is just an incredibly gorgeous bag! I love it so much!!!
    I was able to throw it on my shoulder at the grocery store last night, but normally I would carry it in the crook of my arm.

    My favorite feature of this bag I think, which was a total surprise is that is has this large front slip pocket!! I don't know why, but I love it!!!

    Here are some pics of mine so you can see...
    IMG_0206.JPG IMG_0207.JPG IMG_0208.JPG
  6. I should have mentioned, I'm a plus size girl, so that's why Miranda can fit on my shoulder, but not comfortably. *L*
  7. love the pics, I l:heart:ve huge bags. Looks like all my junk can fit in there
  8. It really is a stunning bag. I came *this* close to buying one today.. but they only had two in the store, one had scratches & the others zipper didn't open or close properly.
  9. Love her!!!

    My only complaint is that I am having a little trouble finding summery outfits that look okay with the bag though. It is like over 100 degrees in Dallas right now..
  10. Well...you could torture yourself like I do and consider the Miranda in Natural for warmer weather :yes:
  11. Did you guys know that on the Japan site Miranda comes in Atlantic blue. Honestly though, I don't really like it in that color. It's such a classic looking bag that the blue looks too trendy.
  12. ITA, I appreciate others liking the blue but I really like the leather in more "tanned" type colors. That's what I think of Coach. That's why the Lily, which I've never seen IRL, looks so pretty. That picture of it in Harpers made it look like some British sea locker, so pretty!:smile: