Miranda Owners - spill your guts....

  1. ...guts as in the inside of your purse! :yahoo:

    I am SERIOUSLY drawn to Miranda, but the weight of her always makes me think twice. Not that I am unaccustomed to bigger bags (I have a Mandy and a few Alis that I do stuff to capacity) but since Miranda is not shoulder friendly, I am worried that I won't use her as much because of her weight.

    So you Miranda girls, please tell me what items you carry in your bag (without your elbow falling off :p). If you have pics, please post those two. :yes:

    Enable those of us who may be have doubts because of her weight! :graucho:

  2. I don't have one but my friend does. I saw it for the first time last night at work- OMG!! It's sooo beautiful :heart: I carried it around the unit and, while it's heavy, I would totally suffer in silence!
  3. They're so pretty I bought two, the black and the bordeaux. And they're sort of heavy but I've gotten used to it. That said, I did pare down to the basics, a checkbook wallet, lip glosses, keys, PDA, not a lot more than that. The first time I took it out, I thought it was too heavy but after that it's been fine. Also, I can wear it on my shoulder pretty okay. Enjoy!:smile:
  4. Totally what I do! Suffer in silence as this bag is TOTALLY worth it!!! Honestly though, I don't really mind. I posted pics of mine in a couple of the threads that Mokoni attached.

    Oh, I caught the cashier at the grocery store eye balling my Miranda as I went thru her line today and well...I was just so proud!!! LOL!!! :p
  5. Thank you ladies for your experiences and for the links Mokoni. :yes:

    With a bigger bag like this (or the Mandy) I usually will not carry my work bag since my purse can do double duty - but it sounds like I would still have to carry a work bag. Is any other Miranda owner in this predicament and what do you do? I would think two big bags (a work bag and Miranda) would overhelm a girl.

    Maybe my issue isn't with the heaviness of the bag but the idea of having to pare down my stuff. I LIVE in my purse so my bare essentials would be my large legacy beauty case, wallet, sunglasses, key, cell phone, or an my small notebook (for notes), etc.
  6. I carry a bag and a rolling laptop case. My rolling laptop case means I can choose bags for looks and not to accommodate a laptop, plus I get to keep my shoulder :smile: I pared down my bag so the weight wouldn't bother me but that bag is large enough to hold a lot. Hope that helps a little!
  7. I have Miranda in bordeaux, but I haven't used her yet. I'm waiting for fall.

    That being said, I know she's heavy even without anything in her, but like the others have said, she's just so gorgeous that I don't care, I'll suffer. *L*
    You can definitely pare down your stuff to make it lighter, but if you need to really load her up, she could definitely take it. *especially if you're like me and won't buy a purse unless it's big enough to fit a book in it!*

    If you do really load her up though, I wouldn't carry her in the crook of your arm, I'd probably hand carry her. I'm a plus size girl, so she won't fit on my shoulder, unfortunately. But someday she will. :smile:
  8. UPDATE!

    I again tried out Miranda and even put a few things in her and no matter how I flip the pancake, the gridle is still too hot - in plain english - she is just too heavy. :crybaby:

    * cue violins*


    Now, I'm a plus size girl too whole LOVES big bags, but I can't carry a bag as heavy as Miranda in my hand or crook because I carry stuff that I can't live without (plus it keeps me from having to carry a workbag in addition to my handbag).:crybaby:


    I did end up buying Leigh in black leather (and a leather bench that will do double duty as my new coffee table)! She took all my purse junk like a trooper!

    Bye 'Randa :crybaby: maybe one day after I firm up my biceps/triceps but for now I will live vicariously through the ladies that purchased you.

    Thanks ladies for all your input! *bearhugs*
  9. I was cruising Nordies yesterday. They had a Miranda. I picked it up. I immediately put it down. Can't do it.

    I carry a few things, but they're heavy. My wallet's really heavy. My glasses case, Treo, cosmetic case, small flashlight...my keychain is heavy too! Then, depending on what I'm doing, lotso'crap gets thrown in my bag. I need manageable weight. I didn't like the feel of the Miranda unloaded.

    I can't see putting it on my shoulder, since I'm not that petite. So...not for me.

    Besides...I have the Andrea in Cognac and I really love it. I got it in Black just recently too and I haven't even used it!! :shame: