Miranda & Lily are fighting for my affections

  1. Yes, I did it, I pulled the trigger (or should I say Visa) and got both the Miranda (in bourduex) and Lily (in black) :wlae:

    I am so pleased w/ both, i dont think i have ever been so happy w/ 2 bags before and I collect purses. But I love my Lily she is my total go to black bag now and i love Miranda - so hip and chic - love them ! (and I may or may not have grabbed a laced wristlet too....) my gosh i saved so much money w/ my PCE... and the hiring manager gave me a job application.... anyone know what the employee discount is?
    Thanks for letting me be happy, i am thrilled.

  2. I don't think it's supposed to be public knowledge but I will tell you you'll be VERY happy with the percentage.
  3. The employee discount here in Hawaii is 40% off retail and 50% off outlet, but you're limited to so many different kinds of items per year. My brother used to work at the outlet here in Hawaii... unfortunately there wasn't anything I wanted while he was working, but my best friend pretty much got bought a bag and got the wallet for free.
  4. Now THAT is the freakin' Coach motherlode haul of the year!! Congrats on your gorgeous new babies!
  5. Congrats on two awesome bags!!! I am going back and forth about the Lily, trying to decide if I should order it. I saw it for the first time IRL last night and I'm really liking it.

    Oh and the Coach discount is VERY nice!!
  6. ugh i wanted my first job to be @ coach. unfortunately i am not 18 yet! lol i would love to get in on that discount.
  7. how much discount was the lily with the PCE ?
  8. I have both of those purses too!! I love my Miranda, used it for a while and I just got my Lily and i'm gonna start using her tomorrow! They are both beautiful bags, you did good!!
  9. With the PCE, Lily was $898.
  10. congrats on 2 stunning bags! I have Miranda in bordeaux and ordered Lily in whiskey on Friday and I'm soooo happy that I own both of these bags!!! :yes:
  11. Wow!!
  12. Oh those bags are too gorgeous! BTW that is some discount...no wonder those Coach SA's always look so happy! I'd be planning my next bag all day!
  13. wow, what a discount, i am really thinking about it, i work fulltime and go to school as well, so it would be really hard... but gosh i would love too...
  14. Congrats! What amazing purchases!
  15. Wow! You got two amazingly gorgeous bags...congrats!