Miranda Kerr's Skirt

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  1. Can anyone ID this skirt? I'm looking for a floral skirt and this one is beautiful!

  2. I'd like to know this too, thazt skirt is wonderful =)
  3. I need this skirt! PLEASE!!! if you ladies find it please let me know aharara23@gmail.com

    ah i need this skirt. IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!:yahoo:..I will continue my google search!!
  4. I want this skirt too, i have exhausted all my searches, can anyone help i cant sleep over it.:nuts:
  5. bump!
  6. I too have been searching for this skirt since these pics came out. I haven't found it anywhere. Please keep me posted if you find out the details about it.
  7. Could it be vintage?
  8. Bump
  9. Has anyone been able to locate such a skirt, i have given up. I would take anything similar too.
  10. Can anyone please help find similar?
  11. This skirt is actually Gucci!
  12. You are a legend ritac82!!!!!
  13. i love this skirt too. I know its probably too late now, but does anybody know where the gucci skirt is available in-store?
  14. fashobsession, please let me know if you found this Gucci skirt anywhere! thanks :smile: