Miranda Kerr's outfit - plz ID

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  1. Do any of you lovely ladies know the brand of her dress and top?


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  2. I don't know, but it is gorgeous! I want one, too!
  3. i think you mean skirt! I would love to know too
  4. Saw this in the celebrity section. It's TDF! Love the top, skirt, bag, shoes! Gorgeous!
  5. I have no idea, but this outfit is gorgeous on her!
  6. I want to know too. It looks so nice!
  7. i love love love this outfit!
  8. is gorgeous
  9. I would love to know who designed the top its really cute
  10. i really wanna know the top too!

    all i know is that she's carrying a prada bag and she's walking on christian louboutin
  11. She must love the top because here she is wearing it again:

  12. i love it so much..i hope someone can id it! It looks great casual too!
  13. I'm so loving off-the-shoulder tops right now! I hope someone knows!
  14. Who is she? She's stunning!
  15. The top is Easton Pearson.;) Don't know about the pencil skirt she's wearing in the pap pics, but the peasant skirt from the second pic is by Scanlan and Theodore.