Miranda Kerr Style Thread

  1. Oo, I"m curious, too...
  2. I think they are Tabitha Simmons Ankle boots but not a 100% sure :smile:

  3. i love her style...very effortlessly chic.
  4. ^^ agreed
  5. Hehe me too!!
  6. I snagged up a pair of similar leather pants from Topshop for $30, a steal

    Thanks Miranda for the inspiration.
  7. Agree!! I still has loose tummy a year after my daughter is born:sad:
  8. I am planning for a baby so looking at Miranda makes me feel there is still hope to get back into shape :graucho:
  9. There is hope! I read though somewhere that to get ready for the VS fashion show, she goes on a Liquid Diet for 10 days before. I guess when millions of people are looking at you, you would be pretty dedicated to looking the best you possibly can.
  10. For the longest time, i thought Miranda Kerr was kinda weird looking but she really grew on me! Now i think she's so gorgeous, especially at the VS fashion show, i was like wow!
  11. I still think she's weird looking :cool: With a nice bod tho :lol:
  12. Her skin glows like nothing I've ever seen. I think she's beautiful and has amazing style.