Miranda Kerr Style Thread

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  1. Can't find a thread for Aussie model Miranda Kerr. Always looks immaculate and has the cutest baby ever!

    article-0-0EA80C4D00000578-173_468x969.jpg article-0-0E9E178E00000578-204_468x806.jpg article-0-0E01358B00000578-476_468x434.jpg article-0-0EA7D12000000578-963_468x774.jpg
  2. Yes!! Thank you for starting this thread! She is my ultimate girl crush. :biggrin:
  3. She always looks so effortless and has an amazing figure.
  4. Thank you for starting this thread steph 22 :woohoo:
    She is so amazing and always well put together!
  5. can i just say that her son is soooo adorable is probably the cutest celeb baby i've seen. plus i like her style.
  6. Some more pics of Miranda and Flynn. I think she looks more natural with Flynn than Victoria Beckham looks with Harper.

    article-0-0E25581000000578-252_634x737.jpg article-2045689-0E3E8B8600000578-908_468x771.jpg

  7. They are SUCH an attractive couple! And an adorable little family!
  8. Does anyone know what that maroon tote is that she's been carrying lately? I've been trying to find a clean, sturdy tote like that. Thanks in advance!

  9. That maroon tote is Celine Havana Cabas.
  10. It is lovely but it must be a nuisance trying to get your keys from the bottom!
  11. ^^ Are there maybe little pockets inside for things like your keys/phone?
  12. thanks so much for starting this thread! we need so much more pics of her. she has stunning! love her!
  13. Sorry that I need to correct myself above. It is Celine Caba, but the color is not Havana but is Burgundy. I typed too fast without thinking.

    Yes, it has one inner zipper pocket but the pocket is not very big.
  14. Recent pic from out and about in New York.

  15. Not too keen on this look but still with her trusty Celine tote!