Miranda Kerr modeling her SC in Victoria Catalog?

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  1. #1 Oct 22, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
    Did anyone receive the new Victoria Secret Catalog yet? Is this Miranda Kerr's Sofia Coppola? If so, what a great way to advertise LV--wish the credit was given to the bag in the catalog, though!
    victoriasecret 008.JPG victoriasecret 006.JPG victoriasecret 007.JPG
  2. I'm sure LV is well taken care of :smile:

  3. I'm sure, too--I just would've liked to have seen it mentioned that this is a LV bag--most people are not aware that the SC is a LV bag. It would be nice for people to see LV leather lines advertised as such, since so many people think LV only makes monogram bags!
  4. I saw that too. Such a beautiful bag!
  5. Love love love. Ugh. Love.
  6. I've seen other pics of her with this bag -- it's lovely.
  7. Oh so jealous. She's so beautiful and Orlando plus the SC . Need I say more. :shucks:
  8. I got the same catalog and pointed it out to my husband. I thought it was a SC but wasn't sure. I then asked my husband for the Fantasy bra, and he said okay. Then I told him it was over $2 million hahaha! Yah, I'm definitely obviously not getting one! Maybe I can get a SC Speedy... One day lol
  9. I read an article somewhere that she loves her Jasper SC. It's a beautiful bag for sure.

  10. LOL-smart girl! That 500,000 bra makes the SC look like a steal!! I will have to try that approach with my DH :biggrin:

  11. I totally agree! I always see her photographed with it, but was surprised to actually see it in the VS catalog.