Miranda is here and oh my.....

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  1. she is heavy! Beautiful bag, but oh my aching arm! Miranda weighs in at 4.1 lbs; that is a whole pound heavier than the geranium satchel (3.2 lbs). If you had to pick just one, what would you pick?? Help me decide!!!!

    Oh, and I threw a pic of me holding my bordeaux Balenciaga for reference size.
    miranda7.JPG miranda8.JPG geranium.JPG geranium1.JPG bordeaux4.JPG
  2. beautiful bag, but dang! That IS heavy!
  3. Here is a few more pics of the Miranda.
    miranda1.JPG miranda2.JPG miranda3.JPG
  4. That's a gorgeous bag, but dang, that's HEAVY! I love the oversized hardware Coach has been doing lately but these heavy bags are getting to be too much for me.
  5. Wow! That is one seriously gorgeous bag, but my back aches just thinking about you carrying it! Do you think that it makes it more impractical? Will you shy away from using it because of the weight or will you just consider it part of your ongoing exercise program?:nuts:
  6. Beautiful bag! :yes:
  7. Gorgeous! But I can't believe it's heavier than the legacy satchel. Mine just about does me in sometimes.
  8. Hubba-hubba! Gorgeous bag!! Maybe it should come with backpack straps :p
    It's so pretty though!!
  9. MMMMM....balenciaga in bordeaux.....
  10. Oh, wow. Love it! :girlsigh:
  11. I almost ordered the Miranda but the straps were so short I was worried about carrying something that heavy in the crook of my arm. Does it fit over your shoulder at all?
  12. WOW I LOVE the look of the bag!! TOO bad it's so heavy though... that may be my deciding factor in considering it:tdown: darn!!
  13. It does not fit over my shoulder, but then again, I have fat arms. I would think it would be a tight fit even with skinny arms.
  14. My Birkin was heavy and to cope with that I pared down to the bare essentials. I mean BARE! It was actually a challenge to see how much..umm..crap.. I could do without. WHY oh why was I carrying 4-5 lip products? And using maybe *whispers* one?! I streamlined because I am mad for that bag.

    If you don't love her and you might disclocate your shoulder lugging her then return -'cause you know there will always be another leather lust object :yes:right around the corner...............
  15. This is beautiful! Looks great on you, Enjoy it.