Miranda in White!

  1. I got a copy of the new spring catalog today and they have Miranda in white! It's stunning! I already own Miranda in bordeaux, but I have been wanting a white leather bag, so I have a feeling this will be mine when it's available to order!
  2. Do you think you can post a pic of the White Miranda. I have in bordeaux and Black and love this bag, and like you I have no white white leather bag....need one badly.
  3. :girlsigh: I love white and I LOVE the miranda! I can't wait to see this!!!
  4. Pics Please
  5. Here's a picture of the Miranda in white from the new spring catalog. I hope it comes out okay! I'm getting this bag with the March PCE!!!
  6. Wow! Can't wait to see that one in person!

  7. oh boy..... love her! your right she is stunning.... imagine if they came out w/ a pastel lime green or an orange.... melon kind of color....
  8. Does the spring catalog name any other colors it will come in? I have the Miranda in Atlantic and I am totally hooked on this bag!
  9. wow, i never even saw her in Atlantic - can you post a pic...bet she is a beauty
  10. That is a seriously gorgeous bag in white....I loved the bordeaux one but didn't think I could carry it off. Save your pennies now!:p
  11. according to the catalog white and natural. I MUST have this bag in white. Not so much the natural. I wouldn't even mind it in black, but I think 3 Miranda's would be a bit much!!
  12. I have it in black and if it wasn't so heavy I'd grab it in bordeaux while its still available. I think it would be so pretty in white but I agree, three might be overkill!
  13. i have the bourdeux, but i am going to try and get that white for sure...

    wow that atlantic in it is beautiful!
  14. I love it. I am really loving the leather bags now.