Miranda in Atlantic

  1. I don't know if there was a thread already posted about this, But I noticed on the Japan site that the Miranda satchel is available in what looks like Atlantic or it could be Turquoise? So what are your opinions of it? Do you like it in that color?
  2. Yes I mentioned that in another thread. I actually don't like the Miranda in this color. I have the Miranda in Bordeaux and to me, the shape and style of the bag is so classic and the Atlantic is such a trendy color that I personally don't think they go well together. Now the Lily in Atlantic looks great, but there's just something about that color on Miranda that I don't really go for...
  3. ^^ I agree lily looks great in atlantic but Miranda would be too OTT.
  4. I didn't like Lily or Miranda in Atlantic. I definitely agree that the color is trendy (not to mention absolutely GORGEOUS), but I haven't seen it on a bag that I think it goes well with yet.

    I'm with Ella, my Miranda is in bordeaux too. I didn't even really like the natural in it either.
  5. I have the lily in atlantic and miranda in bordeaux, so totally biased but I love my lily in atlantic, it goes with everything, and of course miranda in bordeaux looks great for work and play esp in winter.
  6. You are one lucky girl!! I would die for a miranda in bordeaux or black as a "back to work" gift to myself but the awesome ladies here are pushing me for a clay Gigi tote....:graucho:. So many Coaches, so little time :yahoo:.