Miranda...black or bordeaux???

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  1. I think I am going to be able to purchase a Miranda this week…but before I do, I need help deciding between the black and the Bordeaux. I would love to have this bag in both colors, but that's just not going to happen. I love the Bordeaux and I know many of you have purchased it in this color. I just worry if the black wouldn't be more sensible as it is a color that transcends seasons and goes with more, however, I don't usually care about the color of my bag matching what I have on. And the Bordeaux is just so gorgeous!! For those of you that purchased the Bordeaux, what made you choose it over the black?
    Please help me decide! Thank you!!!
  2. I love the Bordeaux. It is such a beautiful color
  3. Bordeaux all the way.
  4. :yes:
  5. Bordeaux, you can get a black bag at any time anywhere. This is a stand out color and it's selling quick!
  6. Ahh, this is something I know about sadly...I saw the Miranda in the store, maybe two weeks ago. Saw the bordeaux first and it was stunning, walked straight to it over any bag in the store. I didn't know it was in Harper's, it was just so stylish. But choosing colors stressed me out majorly! I strolled through the mall, practically having an anxiety attack. I went back and chose the black and honestly (although heavy) I have been happily carrying it ever since. However, I still loved the bordeaux and (gulp) went back and bought it as the SA told me Coach is seriously low on the bordeaux (five in the company, some in the stores).
    There are three other Coach bags I want and even sometimes think of getting the Natural Miranda to go with the Havanah pumps, but I don't regret getting the bordeaux. I agree with everyone, the bordeaux is stunning and there are many black bags (even though I bought the black first:rolleyes:)
  7. I vote bordeaux. This bag really grabs your attention in this color.
  8. Bordeaux...it matches with black AND brown!
  9. Definitely get the Bordeaux (and quickly!). It is a classic color and will transcend seasons. I don't find it all trendy, like the Atlantic IMHO. The gold hardware looks really chic with the bordeaux as well. :tup:
  10. I'm a sucker for black bags but the bordeaux is amazing!! Very classic color too.
  11. Bordeaux!!
  12. another vote for BORDEAUX!!!
  13. My thoughts exactly...:idea:
  14. I'll be the odd one out... initially I would have chosen Bourdeaux but after seeing the Black in person, I'd vote Black. The contrast between the black, the gold hardware & the stitching is amazing!!
  15. The bourdeaux is gorgeous! My best friend has it, so I'm hoping to get the black in Sept. By Sept. the bourdeaux will be sold out!