Mirage...Where Art Thou???

  1. Hmm, So I decided to stop by TPF since midterms and homecoming are finally over. It dawned on me that I never continued my quest for a mirage speedy. It's way too late to call 866 Vuitton so I figured I would ask you ladies.

    So how about it...are there still any floating around?? Or is it hopeless conquest???
  2. Yes they should be. Allthough I cannot write with 100% certainty for the US, my store had both Griet and speedy on display two days ago.:flowers:Good luck!
  3. I saw both colours when i went LV yesterday. But its in SIngapore..
  4. Call Vuitton's 866# and they can find one for you, if you are in the states.
  5. one of each color available in aus too!
  6. yes...def call 866. they can tell if they themselves have stock. if not they can forward u to stores that have them.
  7. The LV in Saks in Columbus had both colors on display as well.
  8. There's a couple of authentic ones on eBay for pretty much the list price.
  9. there was a bordeaux and black at the Beverly Center, CA location on Fri.

  10. Yes, they are still around. Grab one you will not be sorry!
  11. They are still available, but hurry up before it's too late. G/L with your search
  12. Good luck!! You'll love the mirage!
  13. both colours in turkey too...