Mirage Speedy: Which color do you like?


What color do you like for the Mirage Speedy?

  1. Bordeaux - I own this one!

  2. Bordeaux - Don't own it but love this version!

  3. Noir - I own this one!

  4. Noir - Don't own it but love this version!

  5. Don't like the Mirage Speedy at all.

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  1. I think the Mirage Speedy is beautiful but unfortunately, I don't own one... Just wondering what color everyone likes?
  2. I wouldnt buy one but I prefer the bordeaux. It matches the brown canvas better. Thats just my personal opinion.
  3. Love the fade on the black. I think it is a gorgeous bag!!
  4. I loooove the Noir the most... it's SOOO sexy!!! :drool:
  5. I like the Noir, but the Bordeaux is pretty! I wish I could buy the Noir...
  6. i have the noir. the degrade effect is AMAZING!
  7. i love the noir best :yes:
  8. I love the noir the fade effect is absolutely stunning! Although I am biased;)
  9. I love them both. I chose bordeaux, just becuase......I would have been happy with either.
  10. I bought bordeaux. I haven't seen one IRL yet, but mine should be arriving tomorrow. If I like it THAT much, then I might decide to get noir too. I had done a charge send order for the noir, but decided to cancel and wait until after I saw the bordeaux in person. I never liked speedys before mirage because of the sagging bottom.
  11. I have the Noir and love it. I just cant stop staring at it. Its really a breathtaking bag. I think either bag is beautiful.
  12. I love the Noir. Although initially I was waitlisted on the Bordeaux. After comparing both colors, Noir looks more striking. I bought it yesterday without hesitation and I'm loving it!
  13. I was waitlisted for the Noir but when my SA brought out the Bordeaux, I completely and utterly fell in LVoe with it! It's here, right next to me as I write this. :p
  14. You can't go wrong with either one, I think it depends which one you feel is more "you". I got the bordeaux because it is stunning and I felt it would suit me better. But now I want the noir too! They are both droolworthy.
  15. not a huge fan, but i prefer the bordeaux myself...