Mirage Speedy silkscreened?

  1. My boyfriend helped me break my ban by ordering the Mirage Speedy in Bordeaux for me for our anniversary!!! I am SOO excited! I have bought quite a few bags already (at least for me), and felt guilty about getting another bag, esp one that is rather expensive. I figured I could get it from a reseller in the future, before he offered, and which I felt guilty about...but still happy!!!

    Anyway, onto my question - is the fade effect silkscreened similar to the MC line? Will the effect rub off like the MC and the cerises has been known to rub off???? :wtf::shocked::cry:
  2. I doubt it, I think it's made the same way as the monogram line, just with a lighter "stamping" of the pattern on the top areas.
    The monogram does seem to fade over time but it's MUCH slower and much less noticeable than the silk screening process of the Murakami lines.
  3. ^^I agree with Lvbabydoll about the monogram fading at a much slower pace than the Murakami line. You can see speedys that have been around >10 years and still have the monogram on them.

    You made me think about the degrade effect though. Anyone know about how the process is on that?

    Also, YAY! Congrats on your new-to-be purchase. You will absolutely adore it IRL.
  4. ITA with all stated above- I think the Mirage line will be one of LV's best seasonal collections from a durability perspective.
  5. I think that the LVs on the mirage are the same color and value, its just he background that changes. Which is either a die process or screen printing process on the canvas before the LVs are printed. I have a lot of experience with screen printing, so this is just my opinion after staring at this bag for a few weeks.
  6. Right, my question is less about the monogram logo than the degrade effect...i.e. will the bordeaux bottom fade? Do I need to be careful about setting it down and having the bordeaux color "rub off"?

    That said, I'm still really excited to get this baby home! :nuts::woohoo::girlsigh:
  7. I don't think it will fade. I think it's the actual fabric and then coated.....MC's are printed on.
  8. I don't think it will rub off, it isn't silk screened! I LoVe mine to death and congrats on yours!
  9. Why don't they do that will everything? Wouldn't it make more sense to print it on the canvas and then coat it? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  10. i think they dyed the canvas with the degrade effect before they printed the Monogram pattern on. then the coating comes on last. it'll be fine.