Mirage Speedy Owners...tell me all about it

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  1. When the Mirage Speedy first came out, I was very hesitant to get it due to cost and the originality of the mono speedy. But now, of course, after it's been discontinued, I'm lusting over how great it looks, it's versatility, and how it's pretty much rain proof.

    Now for all you Mirage Speedy owners, what do you like and don't like about it? Pros&Cons?
    Should I still get one? :shrugs:

  2. I don't think there's anything I don't like about it, other than I didn't get both the noir and the bordeaux. Beautiful, rain-proof, the noir goes with both black & brown. I LVOE it! I wish I had gotten the bordeaux too, since it looks like a sunset.
  3. I agree with everything queenmab said...a great bag, and one that you don't see all over the place!
  4. ^^Yep, the only once I've seen so far is my own! It's a great bag and keeps it's original shape a lot better than the reg mono & damier speedies!
  5. no complaints about my mirage speedy! :smile:
  6. Nothing to dislike about it! It's a fabulous bag. Classic with a twist.
    Can't wait for mine to be back from repair. there was a problem with one of the seams and the tab at the end, but it should be fixable.
  7. ^^^ I was thinking the same thing and did the same thing! It's one of those ~ eh, I don't want it, and now that it's hard (harder to get) I want it. Human nature ~ we want what we can't easily have, at least for me ~ ugh!

    Anyway, if you still want one ~ call the 866# you might get lucky! Or ask your boutique/SA to see if they can find one! I know it's a long shot but you never know!:heart:
  8. thanks ladies...i'm pretty much convinced now...there no 'cons' about this speedy, is there?
  9. Ditto when queenmab said!
  10. I love my mirage speedy, no complaints here as well.
  11. The only negative thing that I can think of regarding this bag is, it's maybe a more fall/winter bag (I have my personal spring/summer tastes). I wouldn't pick this out of my closet in July. Everything else is great especially the colour of the lining in the bordeaux.
  12. ^ic...where I live, it's not always sunshine. mostly cloudy, calm weather so I think the noir mirage speedy may work out. i think it would look great with my attires...ahhhh...now the thing is...is it worth the investment? my cc balance is yelling at me for all my spendings!
  13. I would get it. Its more weather durable than the others. A great classic with a twist. Go for it!
  14. It also retains the shape because it's stiffer. Go get it!! ;)
  15. lol oddly i've been thinking about it too recently!

    I love the bordeaux!!!!!!

    the only thing that's keeping me back is the size. I don't like the 30 at all cuz I find it too big on me (5'2).... So i dunno, I like this bag and I'll see how it turns out in the summer time when i go overseas. If my "local" boutique in China has it, i'll probably get it.