Mirage Speedy Only One Size?

  1. Hi Everyone. I have never posted in the LV forum ( I can usually be found in the Chanel Forum).

    I own LV bags and accessories but have not purchased a new LV in quite sometime due to my Chanel addiction.

    However, I must say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Mirage Speedy in Bourdeaux. However, the Speedy 30 is too big for me.


    Thanks too all of you LV experts!!
  2. welcome~
    but i think the mirage speedy only comes in a 30, no 25s, otherwise I would have bought one myself,
    please correct me if i'm wrong..
  3. unfortunately the mirage speedy only comes in the size 30.
  4. DARN!!! That is sooo depressing.

    Thank you both for the information.
  5. You might want to see the bag in person. I was also afraid that the Mirage Speedy might be too big for me but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's not that big at all. When I received my bordeaux Speedy, I actually thought it was a 25 cm size but my SA assured me that it's truly a 30 cm size. The funny thing is that I own a monogram Speedy 35 and I find that bag to be too big for me to use an every day bag. Therefore, I'll be using the Speedy 35 as a travel bag instead.
  6. The Mirage speedy is actually a LITTLE smaller then the regular speedy 30!
  7. i saw the noir one today in the store, but it is still too big for me :sad:
  8. The Mirage Speedy is a little smaller than the classic Speedy 30? Does anyone have the exact dimensions on the Mirage Speedy?
    According to exluxury, the dimensions on the regular Speedy 30 is
    12" L x 8" H x 6.5" W