Mirage Speedy...LE or seasonal?

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  1. I read threads on it and am confused. Can you guys please clarify? Thanks :heart:
  2. The mirage speedy is seasonal for Fall/Winter 2007!
  3. What does seasonal mean vs. LE? Prolly a silly question but, just starting collecting recently.
  4. Seasonal, LE, one shot....all mean the same thing. Released 1 time.
  5. Thanks twinkle.tink You're a peach:heart::yes:.
  6. Here's my take:

    I believe the whole mirage line is seasonal except for the runway versions, i.e. the griet, etc which are LE.

    Seasonal means for a period of abt 3 months, i.e. model will be produced as long as there is demand during the period.
    LE means more limited, probably has about 3 shipments and that is it.
  7. im with him. according to my SA, the Mirage Speedies are seasonal - released in small batches throughout the particular runway season - just like the Dentelle Speedy is for S/S'07. i think only the exotic trimmed Mirage bags are one-shot like the Dentelle Kirsten and Fersen.
  8. Seasonal
  9. I BELIEVE the Mirage is LIMITED for the SEASON. Meaning... that LV produces a big BATCH of Mirage goodies and that is how many are available and that is all that is AVAILABLE for the F/W season. They do NOT continiously PRODUCE these bags for the ENTIRE F/W season (because they do not want huge amounts of excess). So many are made to last the season but somtimes they run out quick, like the Miroir line which is maybe why they produced ANOTHER Miroir bag in the S/S 2007 to make up for what happend in the F/W before that. Although in the next S/S you may find left over F/W bags or accessories, what ever it is, that did NOT sell. The Miroir line was limited for the season, they made a batch and that was it. Bags that are individually numbered are usually part of the LES EXTROIDINARES collection which can cost like $10k and up. The exotic Mirage bags are even produced in the big BATCH, only so many are made. When LV released the exotic denim bags in 2005, only 200 of the red alligator denim speedy's were made, but they were not individually numbered. The Groom collection for example was part of the 2006 F/W season, in which they were limited for the season, but you can still find them today because they have not all sold yet. When I say that create a "batch" of bags or whatever it is, there are only so many in the batch, say 3,000 mirage speedy's are made, that means 3000 are sent throughout the world and thats it for the f/w when the exotic mirage bags have a much SMALLER number available, proably like 200 or less made in each style for the WORLD. The cheaper the bag in the season, most likely the more there will be due to the fact that it will sell more than the more expensive bags like the exotic for example... basically all the SEASONAL bags are limited and in a way numbered since they only produce so many for the season but you won't find in your Mirage Speedy a plaque that says " Mirage Speedy F/W 2007/2008 #5 of #3000) or something along those lines.
  10. Excellent explanation, Matt!!!
  11. Thanks Matt!!
  12. So besically no one knows, except maybe if what duck's SA is right? (THat's what I would imagine too).
  13. You are welcome.
  14. If you look in the look book, at the bottom left hand corner it will tell you how many pieces are being produced...some people may say limited edition is 'LE" due to less pieces being produced, usually about 500 - 1500 pieces world wide. Where as seasonal items (even though they are only produced in one batch and when they are sold out, they are gone) usually run about 5000 pieces. For example the pampellone azur, which was a 1 shot released when azure released was only 800 PMs and 600 GMs.

    If you get lucky and see the SA book (the pre look book) you can see qty produced, and how they are being allocated and expected sell out date.

    As we all know, just because something is season, doesn't mean it's going to be limited...look at perfo and groom...just kinda laid there. But Cerise sold out much faster.

    To my knowledge, so far LV has only changed a seasonal item to perm....the dreaded MC fiasco.
  15. Wow, lots of information. On tpf, you only have 2 ask & you shall receive. Thanks guys!:love::love::love: