Mirage Speedy in Nov 07 People Style Watch

  1. Love it. I also like the Chanel bag.
  2. I TOTALLy agree.
    I waited YEARS to buy a Speedy 30. Believe it or not this is my FIRST Speedy 30 I have ever owned.... I never wanted one before, because I hate the look of dirty handles. My Mirage Noir is totally worth the investment.....I plan on keeping it forever.
  3. ^^ Yeah, me too. Wouldn't catch me with a Speedy (other than a French Co. piece) unless my life depended on it. Now I wonder if I'll ever use another LV bag again in my life! This bag is sooooo luxurious and deeply satisfying. For once, I don't feel that post purchase 'letdown' or like I've 'overpaid' for a bag.
    Have actually caught myself pondering selling off the rest of my collection....irrational, I know. lol!
  4. Count me in, too! This is also my very first Speedy 30 and I truly love it! It was really worth the wait!
  5. I love mine, too!!! I've waited for this bag forever.....I've always wanted a mono that would look hot with black.
  6. I also wanted a mono canvas speedy but didn't like the vachetta handles once they are worn. When I saw this bag I knew I had to have it. I don't regret buying it at all, even though I was supposed to be on a ban...lol. Cyndee: I really like the gold chain you have on your Mirage it definatley adds to the bag.
  7. Yum.. I think there needs to be a Mirage Inclusion Speedy keychain. :yes:
  8. <sigh> Yeah, Sarah, I do have to take some pics of her. I've been enjoying her so much that I haven't even gotten around to her photo session yet. I'll try to do it tomorrow.

    Hmmmm.....a Mirage Pastilles Key Chain WOULD be TDF! I thought that my mono one would be too much, but actually, it's quite lovely. Currently she's sporting the chain, a mono cles AND a Mirage bandeau! She wears them all very well, indeed....lol!
  9. Sarah, I got that back in the spring on a trip to Montreal. My husband was all ready to buy me the new dune mini lin speedy, but at the last minute, I thought....I don't need a new bag (jeez a girl can only carry so many bags)but I sure would enjoy that Pastilles key chain to wear on several bags I already own. So that was that, and I've never regretted the choice. It's brought me so much pleasure and I get more comments on that, then the bags themselves.
  10. The mirage speedy is beautiful and classy. It is a "dressed-up" mono speedy.
  11. So true, it is a lifetime commitment type of bag, I can't imagine growing tired of it :love::love:
  12. I don't own the Mirage, but I'm loving it more and more! I checked it out again at a recent cocktail event, but my bf said it looks like something an older woman would carry. I disagree! And even if that's true, there's nothing wrong with that. I think it's beautiful for all ages, and it look so DURABLE!
  13. I don;t know if its an investment but gorgeous none the less.
  14. I dont know but the mirage doesent grow on me...