Mirage speedy in Amsterdam

  1. I just wanna shear the follow;
    I remember that there was a thread about how limited the speedy mirage actually is.
    Well here in Amsterdam they are only available when you put yourself on a waitlist.
    This SA even mentioned that when you do so then you will hv to purchase it!!! I know that's just crap coz I know that's not true (in the past another SA told me that there is no obligations). However I can imagine that because of a LE item they changed it for this line.

    And another thing.... They lied when SA's say that they only receive one... I was this first one to buy the bordeaux speedy and when they told me this info. Now 3 wks later another SA tol me that they have sold several ones and to get hold on a piece you should be put on their waitlist (with no guaranteed ofcours)...

    So yes, I do believe now that it was only to push their sale....

    I still :heart::heart: my mirage bordeaux though :graucho:
  2. I love my noir and don't care how limited it is or not. LOVE the bag!!
  3. Hmmmmm.....yes, that is the problem with the LE bags. You never really know how limited they are. LE can mean alot of things. I remember when I use to collect dolls that sometimes the LE had more dolls made than the open editions. That being said, I love my mirage speedy and it doesn't really matter to me if it is limited or not. Still I wish that when things were produced we would be told how many are being made or for how long.
  4. Most of the time they tell you this crap to be sure you will take the bag... if you want something limited ask for jacky she does all the reservations and is really friendly! BTW Congrats on you mirage!
  5. All I know is that when I asked my SA yesterday about the bordeaux speedy, she looked it up in the system and there were 42 still in the country. I'm in the US BTW. She was pulling one in for me when I decided to get something else instead.
  6. Well I bought my noir one in Amsterdam, and there were actually 2 present at the time.. They said they didn't have a bordeaux one (when did you get it?). And I didn't wiatlist or anything...
    Nice to hear about a fellow dutch girl carrying the mirage! ;)
  7. I believed many bought it hoping to be very limited. I had guessed that it was seasonal and it should be around for at least 2-3 months but very few people believed me. :smile:
  8. :yes:me too
  9. You mean they will produce it (new batches will arrive??) during the two month period? I don't think so, it's limited, but they just made a whole lot of these, awaiting how many who are waitlisting in each place and sending articles there accordingly. Of course this takes some time and there seems to be more batches. A limited edition can comprehend of a whole lot of copies as long as it's a one shot only. Like the bell boy, he was produced in a much too big quantum and too a while to sell out/is still in store.
  10. How funny to hear that you bought the black one! Nice choice btw :tup:
    I bought mine somewere mid sept. At that time I could choose both colours. Well, the black one was actually under reservation, but still I could hv an look on it. I already made up my mind so I just bought the bordeaux one. But the male SA garranteed me that they were receiving one of each colour.. If I know that something is on stock then I would not purchase it immediately coz I wanna reconsider about the high price (again and again haahha).. So this trick works on me lol... I have no remorse in buying this speedy at all!! I am so glad that we don't hv this problem with the vachetta.

    I know about SA Jacky, she is a really nice and sweet chinese lady. My experience with her is that she is very honest with answering my qustions regarding their goods (I can be a pain in the ass, when it comes to buying exspensive stuff, believe me :p)

    However, every time I go to LV Amsterdam (now mostly on Monday, Friday or Saterday) she is not in.... :sad:
    Does somebody knows when she is at LV?
  11. Well when you want a bag,you just want it you dont care hahahaha
  12. When I picked up my bag on a thursday, there was a chinese lady present (she didn't help me so I don't know if her name is Jackie actually). So could be thursdays I guess...

    Are you getting the bandeau by the way? I called and they had it in the store. I'm not getting it, because it is bordeaux and they don't have a black one unfortunately, but it it soo pretty!
    Enjoy your bordeaux mirage!
  13. actually that bag was reserved for me :p(I think ...since they alwasy changed the story,,,),but i turned it down coz the handle is kind of short,i dont feel comfortable hook/carry it under my forearm :sad: ,unlike the regular speedy's...........

    normally Jacky is available on weekdays.....
    by the way those SA's there alwasy lie....:supacool:,i beleived only those parttime SA are honest...next time try the Japanese SA,she is :tup:
  14. I don't think I will get the bandeau... I'll never use it. Btw, I 've seen the mirage speedy bordeaux at LV Antwerp last Friday! They even have 2 displayed on their counters...
    So for the ones who are still looking for this speedy, rush to Antwerp and you will def get your bordeaux!
  15. I was in A'dam yesterday and I saw both mirage speedy's (black and red) in the window outside. I don't know if they are for selling or just for showing.