Mirage Speedy - how long?

  1. I know the Mirage line is LE, but was wondering how limited it is. Is it already close to sold out, or do you think it'll be around for a little bit? Some of the limited lines don't seem to sell out quickly, or they keep restocking for a season. I've bought a few LV bags this year, and not sure about this one. It looks so gorgeous in your pictures, but it's certainly not a small chunk of change!
  2. this line seems to be a confusing one. leading up and during the initial release, LV made it seem that it was going to sell out fast and there would be VERY limited supply. but some members here have reported seeing them in boutiques still. so its hard to say overall what the limited-ness of it is.
  3. I've also seen/heard lots of conflicting info about this one. According to my SA & her manager, her store was only getting one of each for the whole season. The manager made it a point to mention they will not be getting re-stocked. The LV employees just keep saying limited, yet, the bag has been seen by other tpfers at other boutiques/dept. stores readily available. Have you tried 866? I saw a post here the other day that mentioned they had app. 24 available.
  4. Personally I believe the Mirage line doesn't sell very well... many people are trying to put them on eBay for sale to make a profit but most of those auctions ended without a buyer.

    And today I saw a mirage musette (noir) in Beverly Center.
  5. There was a bordeaux mirage speedy available at the Caeser's LV in Las Vegas this past week.
    It was gorgeous!
  6. I think it is fairley limited, but people just can't afford them right now. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the economy isn't great right now and a lot of people aren't fortunate enough to buy items like that right now...

    BTW, I have only seen about 3 auctions on eBay for the Mirage speedy!!! It isn't like there are 200!
  7. Mirage speedy has been on Vuitton.com (UK) available for purchase since release and it's still there usually limited items fly out Limelight was also on and that's sold out
  8. Agreed!!!
  9. This was my question when I bought my speedy. Just how limited is limited? No one really seemed able to answer this question. I asked if it was going to made for a short time or was there a set number of bags made. One SA said there were 900 made world wide. But who knows if she even knew or if she just thought she had to have an answer. Another SA said they were produced only once and would not be made again. It is true that there are still many out there. But, as was said above the economy is not great and in some ways LV is a victim of their own success. There are so many LE bags produced right now that people have to pick and choose. Gone are the days when there was on LE for the season.
    It doesn't matter that much to me because I love the bag and I bought it to keep, but it would be nice to know just how limited something is before I buy it. One thing is for sure, if you still want a mirage speedy you certainly can still get one.
  10. On the scale of limited-ness, it's moderately limited I would say. Not as limited as the Miroir range, but more limited than the Dentelle speedys.

    There's a bordeaux one at the Brisbane store, and when I went to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago I got to see both colours (though black was reserved for a customer; bordeaux one on display). I actually thought they would be snapped up!
  11. I called the LV boutique on a Tuesday and I was called by the SA on Thursday to tell me that she was putting one for me for pick-up on Friday. So IDK how limited it really is. I really don't care, b/c I bought it for keeps.